Legal Bricks nearing launch of new system!

Legal Bricks are very excited to announce to launch of our new and innovative platform!

Brining together over 12 months of work, we are currently running beta tests on our platform and envisage a phased launch throughout Q1 of 2020.  The solution aims to provide much more functionality to Solicitors and Estate Agents alike, making the conveyancing process Quicker, Simpler and easier to navigate.

Our development team have been working hard behind the scenes for a long time now and we are confident that this will add real value to our partners.  Legal bricks Director, Michael Connelly said:

"This is a truly exciting time for us as a company and one which sees us take the next major step in our life cycle.  The amount of effort that has gone into research, development and implementation cannot yet be quantified.  But needless to say, it is a product we are extremely positive about and envisage the engagement rates to be extremely high from launch, based on market research to date."

The platform will aim to support all parties in the conveyancing transaction which makes it pretty unique!  Watch this space for updates and teasers as we prepare to go live!