Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a FREE fully branded portal where you can send branded quotes, open cases, order searches and other products, digitally onboard clients, complete ID Checks, Verify source of funds, securely message clients – everything from pre-instruction to post completion in one single portal.



Is the portal really free?

Yes, at present we are offering use of the portal for free – there is no installation cost, no license fee, no monthly fees and no contract either. The only thing you’ll pay for are the products you order (searches, insurance, ID Checks, Biometrics etc). We have invested in the technology so that our clients can speed up and streamline their processes, but this is not a cost we pass on.


Are your searches more expensive then?

No, in many cases we can price match your existing offering or offer an extremely competitive proposal.  In many cases, prices are fixed throughout the country.


What if we want to order searches from other providers as well?

We understand that firms often use several different providers for searches – using our portal does not mean that you can’t also use other providers.


How does the quotation tool help increase our conversion rates?

Our quotation system helps you to keep track of all the quotes you send to prospective clients, allowing them to be followed up with ease.  It’s built so that quotes can be generated by non-legal staff and then assigned once the instruction is received, or the fee earners can generate and manage quotes themselves, if preferred.


Can you assign more than one fee earner to work on a case?

Yes, the portal allows you to assign a team of one fee earner and one assistant to work on the instruction.


How does using your portal speed up transactions?

Simply put it reduces a lot of the “faff” involved in transactions:

Quotes can be created and sent out in less than 60 seconds and once the client accepts the quote, the case file is opened with one click.

From here, clients can complete all protocol and client forms online, e-sign documents, verify income and source of funds and be kept up to date with all key activity, reducing paperwork and the need for endless chaser calls. Both parties will be prompted at key milestones if actions are outstanding.


Is the portal branded as Legal Bricks?

No, the portal is fully customisable and branded as your law firm.  Ask our team for a demo and we can show you exactly how it will look and feel.


How secure is the system?

Information is securely stored on our cloud-based solution and includes Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) to ensure the most robust security and verification procedures apply to both client and law firm. Our portal also makes sure that you are GDPR compliant – information which falls outside of GDPR remit is stored for 7 years, with information deemed high risk removed after month 12 of case completion. The secure messaging function is just that – messages cannot be intercepted and a clear audit trail of messages is kept for compliance purposes.


How will the portal work with our case management system?

We have developed integrations with a number of case management systems, but the portal can work without integration too – in some ways the system will allow you to be more agile without integration. Speak to one of our team for advice on the best approach.


Does the portal take a long time to install?

No, you can be up and running in a matter of hours and installation is totally free, with no onsite updates or hardware installs required, as it’s a fully cloud based solution.


Can clients access the portal via mobile device?

Yes, the portal can be used across all devices from Mobile, to tablet, to laptop and PC


Is there an app?

No at the moment there is not an app, although this is in development.


Is the Biometric ID Check available as a standalone service?

Yes, we can now offer our Biometric ID Checks as a stand-alone product, meaning your entire law firm can benefit from this market leading solution – speak to one of the team for details.


Which Biometric ID Check technology is used?

We have custom built our Biometric ID solution using a market leading technology platform – it is straightforward and easy to use.


Does the portal use a template – what if it doesn’t work for my transaction?

We have a range of customisable the templates, so you can make the portal work for you and your firm. In addition, we have invested a great deal of time working with clients to refine and customise what’s available, so we are confident that the templates will work for every scenario you need.