Case study - Jarmans Solicitors

Jarmans solicitors are a full service law firm based in Kent. They have a busy conveyancing department servicing a wide range of clients.

We talked to Jeni Niven, Conveyancing Co-ordinator at Jarmans Solicitors about how they use the services of Legal Bricks and what benefits they have seen.

Which of Legal Bricks' services do you use?

We use Legal Bricks the following services from Legal Bricks: AML Searches/ Conveyancing Searches/Quotation system/Client Portal and Biometrics.

“We need to use a supplier that the whole team is happy with and who are available to deal with queries. We would definitely recommend Legal Bricks”


What particular challenges have Legal Bricks help you to overcome?

The Legal Bricks technology replaced a different quotation system used by Jarmans which was very clunky and not very responsive or easy to tailor and it also meant that we were tied into using their searches which were not cost effective.  Using the Legal Bricks platform means that you are not tied in to using Legal Bricks’ searches but in fact we have switched to using them as they are competitively priced and the whole team like the way they are presented and the turnaround times are good.


What are the benefits of using Legal Bricks?

There is really good value in using the technology provided by Legal Bricks and most of our clients are really happy to use it ( some do still prefer to come into the office in person for things like the ID Checks). The customer service is very good and any little niggles with the system were ironed out quickly by the Legal Bricks team.

Prospective customers can generate quotes themselves online for a Sale/ Purchase/ Sale and Purchase / Transfer of Equity or Remortgage or they can contact Jarmans for a quote which they generate using the quotation tool.

Click here to see the quotation system being used on Jarmans'site:


“We can now offer clients a streamlined process from the quotation stage onwards – we love the fact that Legal Bricks offer a one-stop shop which makes things so much simpler”