2019-20 Coronovirus Outbreak - Latest Business Updates

Legal Bricks are taking the COVID-19 pandemic extremely seriously and are now fully functional on a remote working basis.

We are collating all data daily and trying to share with you any updates on delays, turn around times and general issues, so please check back to this page periodically for more information.

We are aiming to keep disruption to a minimum, but unfortunately things do tend to change quite quickly which means we are not always in a position to do so. Rest assured, anything business critical will be reported to you via email, at your nominated addresses.

You will see below a “Council List” which gives ETA’s or general information as we are aware of it. This covers all 350 councils throughout England and Wales.

View Council List

We will do our best to make updates, but the list will change so please do not use it as an exhaustive tool! If you think you have new information which supersedes that of our list, please feel free to share and we will verify anything provided.

Unavailable Documents

Some documents which were on our initial “Caution List” have now upgraded to an “Unavailable List”. These include:

  • EPC's
  • Floor Plans
  • Home Reports

Documents Under Caution

Other documents which are still on the “Caution List” and may be affected or delayed include:

  • Local Authority Searches (both Regulated and CON29
  • Drainage Searches (both Regulated and CON29)
  • Highway Extent
  • CON29 Optional Enquiries

We will be providing further updates relating to delays on a regional and national basis, as conversations with our partners evolve, so please check back regularly.

Please rest assured that we doing all that we can to offer business as usual, but we have furloughed a number of our team which may at times, stretch resources.

All contact numbers and emails are functional so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our team and we will be happy to assist. Contact us