Price Transparency

From 6th December 2018

Our Aim

The aim of Price transparency, is to provide clearer information and more choice for the public when selecting a Law firm to act for them. As a specialist provider of Searches and property information, we are able to assist your firm with the Conveyancing element of this remit.

Our Tool

Our Iframe / Embed tool fits into your existing website via a small code snippet, allowing your clients to obtain quotes from you in real time.

Bespoke Conveyancing quotes based on Property Value, BTL or First Time Buyer, Mortgaged or Un-mortgaged, Shared Ownership, New Build, Right To Buy, or any more configurable elements based on your firm

Fully branded Conveyancing quotes in PDF format

Exact Land Registry and SDLT fees, based on the clients purchase price

Receive email notifications in real time confirming quotes and instructions

Complete discretion relating to your Conveyancing Fees